Kalash Valleys situated on the west of Chitral town border with Afghanistan, the Province of Nooristan. Who had been migrated from Nooristan to these valleys in early 3rd BC. They are legendary known the decedent of Macedonians of Alexander the great, who sieged the Afghanistan in 329 BC, Crossed the Hindu Kush to Ghandara region, they had been wounded solders, who left in Afghanistan, became the up original of Creeks.

The religion of these inhabitants’ ore not clear, but they worship the wooden statues as a Goddess. They are celebrating 4 festivals in four seasons, that is Spring–Summer-Autumn & Winter. The Jeep drives to Mastuj valley to the Wakhan Corridor, and then the trek starts for Shah Jinali Pass to follow the Shah Jinali River, on the Pamir Range. Unforgettable view of Hindu Kush and Pameer, trek down to the Yaseen valley follow the Durkut valley to Assumber Pass to Chilinji Pass to Ziarat- Drive to Gulmit, Full day excursion in Gulmit. Drive to Karimabad, exploration of Karimabad.

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Day-01:  Islamabad- Rawalpindi: Sightseeing

Day-02:  Drive to Peshawar/Swat

Day-03:  Drive to Chitral

Day-04:  Day excursion to Kalash Valley and back to Chitral

Day-05:  Drive to Zhopo.

Day-06:  Drive to Lasht

Day-07:  Trek to Kishmanja

Day-08:  Trek to Chikar

Day-09:  Trek to Lashkargaz

Day-10:  Trek to Karambar Lake

Day-11:  Optional climb of Chota Pahad (5740M/18,942ft)

Day-12:  Trek to Sueyinj

Day-13:  Trek to Sughtarabad over Chatiboi Glacier

Day-14:  Trek to Chillinji Jungle

Day-15:  Trek to Chillinji Base Camp (4500 meters/14850ft)

Day-16:  Cross Chillinji Pass (5291M/17460ft) and trek to Biater

Day-17:  Trek to Baba Ghundi Ziarat.

Day-18:  Drive to Karimabad Hunza

Day-19:  Rest day in Karimabad/Explore Karimabad & surroundings

Day-20:  Drive to Besham

Day-21:  Drive to Islamabad

Day-22:  Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight