Rash Phari means sparkling Lake. It is one of the most recommended treks for those who want to have a first time trekking experience with a lifelong excitement. We walk on glaciers, through villages to a look at the real life of those living at footsteps of mighty glaciers, along the irrigated terraced fields with the impressive view of the mighty Karakorum Mountains from summit of Rush Peak 5098m.

It is the junction of two famous glaciers of Barpu and Bualter. It is interesting that local legends talk about the gender of these glaciers of being male and female and also about their meeting and birth of the new glaciers.

Our trek starts at Hoper, a marvelous valley with green fields and fruit orchards which is also famous for its potato seeds which are exported to other parts of Pakistan especially in Northern Areas. If you have enough skill you can climb Push Peak.

May 10, 2017 to 23 2017) June 16, 2017 to 29, 2017) July 5, 2017 to 19, 2017
August, 10, 2017 to 23, 2017) August 18, 2017 to 31, 2017) September 5, 2017 to 18, 2018

Day-01 Islamabad- Rawalpindi: sightseeing
Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs
 Day-03 Drive to Karimabad along with Hunza River 6-7hrs
 Day-04 Drive to Hopper village 1hrs and trek to Bericho Kor 4-5hrs 3300m
 Day-05 Trek to Chidin Harai 4-5hrs 4440m
 Day-06 Trek to Rush Lake 2hrs 4694m
 Day-07 Free day or climb Rash Peak 5098m
 Day-08 Trek to Phahi Phari 3-4hrs 3450m
 Day-09 Trek to Hamdar 3-4hrs 3300m
 Day-10 Trek down to Hopper valley and drive to Karimabad
 Day-11 Full day explore Hunza valley
 Day-12 Drive to Naran via Babusar Pass 4137m
 Day-13 Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs
 Day-14 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international fight