The Hindukush lies beyond the reach of the monsoon and, is a deserted, arid mountain scape visited by very few. The scenic Trich valley is very fertile, and populated with several small villages.

A spectacular drive to Uthul takes us to the jump off point, and trekking across Zani Pass (3886m) provides excellent views Hindukush and the Hindu Raj Ranges. Passing through the villages fo Atak and Bandak, one arrives Shogor, at the food of the Trich Glacier.

A free day will enable us to explore and will, allow for fantastic vies of Trich Mir (7708m), Istoro Nal (7403m) and heavily crevassed upper Trich Glacier. Visit legendary Kafir Kalash of Chitral.

Day-01 Islamabad- Rawalpindi: Sightseeing
Day-02 Fly to Chitral or drive Chitral over Lowari Pass 3118m
Day-03 Local visits in Chitral valley
Day-04 Trek over Zani Pass 3840m 6 hrs 
Day-05 Trek descend down to Shahgrom 2/3 hrs
Day-06 Trek through willow/scree & dry rocky terrain to Sheiniak 4/5 hrs. 3540m
Day-07 Trek besides the glacier then moraine to Shugurbaisum 5 to 6 hrs 4038m
Day-08 Trek  to Tirich Mir base camp 6/7 hrs, Babu camp 4724m
Day-09 Exploration around Babu camp 4724m
Day-10 Trek to Shugurbaisum 4038m camp
Day-11 Trek to Sheiniak 3540m camp
Day-12 Trek to Shahgrom drive to Chitral
Day-13 Birir, Bumburet and Rumbur valleys
Day-14 Fly or drive to Islamabad
Day-15 Visit Taxila museum and historical sites
Day-16 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight