A scenic and moderately easy Shah Jinali trek is blended with the captivating Thui Valley, which is situated in the Hindu Raj range between Chitral and Gilgit regions.

Starting the trek from the legendary Turikho valley of upper Chitral and following easy trails through green pastures, lovely alpine meadows and summer settlements, the only difficult portion to negotiate are the crossing of Hoghost Bar Glacier and the 4500m Thui pass, which are the climax of this trek from where we will come down to Yasin valley for onward drive to Gilgit.
The trek is supplemented with a visit to the Kalash valley for an exciting primitive cultural touch.

Day-01 Islamabad- Rawalpindi: Sightseeing
Day-02 Drive to Swat 267km 6-7 hrs
Day-03 Drive to Chitral 243km 6-7hrs
Day-04 Free day in Chitral, local exploration 
Day-05 Drive to Rau 6-7 hrs
Day-06 Trek to Juniper 4-5 hrs
Day-07 Trek to Shahghari (3300m) 6-7 hrs
Day-08 Trek to Ishpero Dok via Shah Jinali pass (4259m) 4-6 hrs
Day-09 Day free for local exploration in Ishpero Dok
Day-10 Trek to Yashist 4-5 hrs/camp
Day-11 Drive to Chitral 7-8 hrs/hotel
Day-12 Drive to Bomburet in Kalash  2-3hrs
Day-13 Drive to Swat Valley 7-8 hrs
Day-14 Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs
Day-15 Transfer to Islamabad airport for internatioanl flight