The trek start from China camp and end in Ramanj village after crossing Werthum Pass 5147m. It takes 45 minutes from the high camp to Top. The pass has 20-to-25 degree slopes on both sides and a permanent 3m to 4m vertical cornice on its north side. Use a rope belay while breaking through the cornice and cutting steps in the ice to reach the talus below the pass. The pass is more difficult before mid-July when there is more snow and a larger cornice.

Batura, the most accessible and fourth longest Karakoram glacier, stretches west from the KKH for 56km. the trek’s exceptional scenery includes 14 peaks higher than 7000m and huge ice floes plummeting more than 4000m from the Batura Wall to the glacier. Most of the trek is through ablation valleys and along streams. With almost no steep segments, it affords gradual acclimatization and presents no major difficulties. Even the trek’s two glacier crossings are relatively easy. Trekkers also get a glimpse in the unique way of life of Passu villagers, who tend livestock in the summer pastures along the glacier’s north margin.

Day-01 Islamabad: Sightseeing 
Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12 hrs 
Day-03 Drive Karimabad 6-7hrs
Day-04 Morning prepation of trek afternoon drive to Passu 
Day-05 Trek from China camp to Uzhokpirt 5-6 hrs,
Day-06 Trek to Yashpirt 3302-m, 2-3 hrs
Day-07 Trek to Shireen Maidan 3888m, 6-7 hrs 
Day-08 Trek to Werthum BC 4363-M, 3 hrs
Day-09 Trek to Werthum HC 4975-M, 3-4 hrs
Day-10 Cross Werthum Pass and trek down to Harkeesh
Day-11 Trek down to Raminji 3095m
Day-12 Drive to Karimabad 
Day-13 Drive to Besham 9-10hrs 
Day-14 Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs 
Day-15 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight