Shimshal valley is situated in one of the remotest part of North Pakistan Karakorum Range.
Shimshal valley has its largest adventure area in Hunza and is a major attraction for tourists. Its mountains like Distaghil Sar (7,885 m), Shimshal White Horn (6,303 m) Minglik Sar (6,050 m), Lupghar Sar (7,200 m), Yazghail Sar (6,000 m), Kunjut Sar and others are well known among mountaineers. Gigantic glaciers include Malangudhi, Yazghail, Khurdopin (5,800 m), Braldu, Odver, Ver Zharav, and main passes are Chafchingoal, Khurdopin, Mai Dur, Braldu, Boi Sam and others. Shimshalis are to Pakistan as Sherpas are to Nepal. More than twenty well known mountaineers from this valley have made Pakistan proud in the field of tourism.

Shimshal Pass (4,735 m) rises above the village. It lies on the watershed between the Indus River and Tarim River basins, and leads to the valley of the Shimshal Braldu River, a tributary of the Shaksgam River on the border with China. Francis Younghusband was probably the first Englishman to reach the pass (1889). At the time it was used by raiders from Hunza to attack caravans traveling between Leh and Yarkand. There was a fort manned by Hunza soldiers, or raiders, or both.

Duration: 18 days Altitude:  600-6050-M
Range: Pamir  Best Period: June to September
Region: Shimshal Valley  Camps: 10
Grade: Strenuous  Hotel nights  07
Day-01 Islamabad- Rawalpindi: Sightseeing
Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs 
Day-03 Drive to Karimabad along with Hunza River 6-7hrs
Day-04 Attaabad Lake- Gulmit and drive to Shimshal 4-5hrs 3000m
Day-05 Trek to Furizin 5-6hrs 3365m
Day-06 Trek to Arbab Parian 3931m
Day-07 Trek to Shuijerab 4350m
Day-08 Trek to Shimshal Pass 4745m
Day-9/10 Two days for climbing Minglik SAR 6050m 
Day-11 Trek down to Shuijerab
Day-12 Trek down to Aurbab Peryain 
Day-13 Trek down to Shimshal village 
Day-14 Drive back to Karimabad 5-6 hrs 
Day-15 Free day in Karimabad/ Local exploration 
Day-16 Drive to Besham on Karakorum highway 11-12 hrs
Day-17 Drive to Islamabad 6-7 hrs
Day-18 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight