Kalash Festivals

Kalash Valley Festival refers to the festivals celebrated by the Kalashi people in the Kalash valley of Pakistan. There are three major festivals celebrated in the valley. Follow are the festivals celebrated each year.
1. Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival (Spring Season)
2. Kalash Uchal Festival (Summer Season)
3. Kalash Choimus Festival (Winter Season)

Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival

Chilam Joshi is also known as Kalash spring festival. Chilam Joshi festival is held in three Kalash valleys, Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur where Kalash girls and boys dance to the tune of traditional drum beats.

Chilam Joshi celebrations highlight their cultural richness, the plethora of colors and the underlying message of peace.  The women dressed up in traditional clothes of vibrant colors, gold, silver jewelers and elaborate headgear. Men wear traditional shalwar kameez with a woolen waistcoat.

Kalashi festivals are famous throughout the world. Three festivals are more important, celebrated in different months of the year. Chilam Joshi is the most important festival celebrated in May for four days. Uchal festival held in autumn season and Choimos festival in midwinters.

Chilam Joshi festival starts at Rumbur valley and then moves on to other valleys of Kalash. In this festival, Kalashi people pray for the safeguard of their fields and animals before going to their fields and for this purpose they used to spread milk on their Gods. The festival brought smiles on the unmarried Kalasha boys and girls faces who during the festival get an opportunity to choose their life partners. They announce their life partners name on the last day of the festival. Let See The Kalash valley festival dates Schedule.


Kalash Festivals Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival
Dates Availability Status
Chilam Joshi Kalash Festival-07-MAY-2019 – 20-MAY-2019 AVAILABLE
Chilam Joshi Kalash Festival-08-MAY-2019 – 21-MAY-2019 AVAILABLE
Chilam Joshi Kalash Festival-09-MAY-2019 – 22-MAY-2019 AVAILABLE

Kalash Uchal Festival 

Uchal Kalash Festival is one of the top cultural festivals of Pakistan. Kalasha tribe celebrates many festivals around the year. A uchal festival celebration is to pay homage to Almighty for blessing them with good food and crops. They prepare corn, buttermilk, and cheese to celebrate the festival and rejoice Uchao.

Kalash Uchal Festival is celebrated in annual harvesting with singing, dancing and paying homage to the nature for blessing them with barley and wheat harvest season every year in August.

In the festival of Uchal they prepare special foods, cheese, buttermilk and corn bread for the event. Women in traditional dresses perform dances. During the festival prayers, a procession is made to a high plateau outside the village in Balangkuru where the long night of dancing begins. The festivals continue for many more days moving on to different locations within the valleys. Let’s See the Kalash festival 2019 dates Schedule.


Kalash Uchal Festival
Dates Availability Status
Uchal Kalash Festival -15-AUG-2019 – 22-AUG-2019 AVAILABLE
Uchal Kalash Festival -16-AUG-2019 – 23-AUG-2019 AVAILABLE
Uchal Kalash Festival-17-AUG-2019 – 24-AUG-2019 AVAILABLE

Kalash Festival-Kalash Choimus Festival

Kalash Choimus Festival also known as Chitirmas festival celebrated in winters every year. Choimus festival holds great importance among the Kalasha people celebration with a colorful swirl of traditional dances, foods, and prayer chants to the Balomain spirit by the Kalasha tribe. The locals perform rituals for purification during the festival at the dawn of the new year.

Choimus Festival spread over days, this festival is an attraction for not only locals but also for tourists and travelers. As you get to dance around large bonfires on drum beats, there is plenty of locally brewed mulberry wine to cherish with. Women of the tribe hold special place in the festival due to their traditional black robes embroidered with colourful threads and huge headwear made of shells and beads.

The tribal elders gather at hilltops to watch the rising sun of the new year that is followed by goat sacrifices made to the Goddess, “Jastak”, and the blood is sprinkled at the temple Jastarkhan.

This year get ready to celebrate New Year in Kalasha style with Hills & Hikes.

Kalash Choimus Festival
Dates Availability Status
Kalash Choimus Festival-15-DEC-2019 – 22-DEC-2019 AVAILABLE
Kalash Choimus Festival-16-DEC-2019 – 23-DEC-2019 AVAILABLE