Mountain Trekking And hiking is generally the act of walking for extended periods of time for the enjoyment of a natural setting. It’s basically just walking on trails. It can involve taking a trail to the top of a mountain, or just a gentle prairie trail that winds along a river or creek.It’s important to know the difference between hiking, trekking, and mountaineering so that you can choose the right adventure for you. Safety is also important. You want to choose an activity that suits both your physical abilities and your skill level.

The easiest way to explain how these three activities are different is to distinguish each term and to categorize them by difficulty. The easiest of the three is hiking. You walk on well-marked trails of easy to moderate difficulty, although this depends on mountain trekking, where you’re hiking list of 8000m Plus Peaks.

S/No Program Range Days Max: Altitude
01 Karakorum Great Traverse Karakorum 32-34 5680m
02 K-2 BC & Gondogoro La Karakorum 20- 23 5680m
03 K-2 BC Gondogoro La & visit Hunza valley Karakorum 22-26 5680m
04 K-2 BC & Concordia Karakorum 19-23 5135m
05 Snow Lake & Biafo Hisper Karakorum 20- 23 5151m
06 Around Nanga Parbat Himalaya 20-22 5399m
07 Around Nanga Parbat visit Hunza Valley Himalaya/Karakorum 23-26 5399m
08 Asumbar Haghost Pass & Punji Pass Hindukush 17-20 4680m
09 Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows Himalaya 11-14 4200m
10 Kalash Valley- Chilinji Hindukush 20-23 5325m
11 Shah Jinali Trek Hindukush 15- 20 5380m
12 Nanga Parbat & Hunza- Patundas Himalaya/Karakorum 16-18 4100m
13 Hushe Masherbrum Thale La Karakorum 18-20 4600m
14 Naltar Ishkomen Hindukush 20-22 4620m
15 Shimshal Pass trek Karakorum 18-20 4600m
16 Shimshal Chafchingol Pass Karakorum 21-23 4300m
17 Yak Caravan to the Pamir Karakorum 20-23 4600m
18 Hunza Batura trek Karakorum 16-20 4733m
19 Deosai Plateau- Nanga Parbat & Hunza Himalaya/Karakorum 18-21 4200m
20 Nanga Parbat Rupal- Shimshal Village Himalaya/Karakorum 18-21 5584m
21 Rash Lake trek Karakorum 14-16 5058m
22 Hindukush trek Hindukush 14-16 4000m
23 Hunza Baldiat trek Karakorum 12-16 4600m
24 Shimshal Minglick SAR Trek Karakorum 19-22 6050m
25 Hon Pass & Rakaposhi BC Trek Karakorum 14-16 4300m
26 Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows trek Himalaya 11-14 4200m
27 Fairy Meadows- Rupal BC trek Himalaya 15-18 4200m
28 Nanga Parbat- Rakaposhi BC trek Himalaya/Karakorum 14-18 4200m
29 Wakhan Corridor trek Hindu Raj- Karakorum 20-22 5150m
30 Rakaposhi- Diran Peak BC trek Karakorum 14-16 4300m
31 Chilinji Pass Trek Hindukush 14-16 5200m
32 Hushe Gondogoro Valley Karakorum 18-20 5650m
33 Hushe K7 Base Camp trek Karakorum 15-18 4200m
34 Hushe Masherbrum BC trek Karakorum 15-18 5650m
35 Hindukush Trich Mir  BC Trek Hindukush 16-18 4650m
36 Darkot & Broghil Pass Hindukush 16-18 5650m
37 Naltar Assumber Trek Hindukush 22-22 5095m
38 Spantik BC & Haramosh La trek Karakorum 18-20 4997m
39 Nanga Parbat 3 Faces Himalaya 15-18 4200m
40 Kilik Mintaka Trek Karakorum 16-18 4827m
41 Karumber pass trek Hindukush 20-22 4600m
42 Dainter pass trek Hindukush 15-18 3690m

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