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Taoist culture is one of the important components of Chinese traditional culture, one of the trends of social life in the history. Has played its influence so far. The Shilin stratum who represented the quintessence of the Chinese traditional culture considered ‘being an official’ and ‘living in seclusion’ as the pursuits in the different stages of ife and merged them into a single whole would be the ultimate target of lives. The formation of the value and spiritual world matched perfectly with the circulation and motion of Yin-Yang expressed by the diagram of the Taiji. Chinese people name the process of pursuing the balance as the cultivation of Taoism. You can still see the heritage of this spirit in many aspects of Chinese people’s lives today.

We launch this program to show how the Chinese spiritual core and their understanding of tradition have been changed under the profound impact of history and culture; how Chinese people pursue the harmony between man and nature inspired the essence of Taoism. In the meantime, when our guests get intimate with the famous mountains and rivers, they will also experience the Chinese romantic leisure like Chuang Tzu.

In the beautiful natural environment, we will observe closely how the Taoist priests practice Taoism and live in the temple and experience the living trendy started in Tan Dynasty. We will not just set up an altar for prayer rituals to present poising rules, apparatus, costume, musics etc in the original Taoist way but will also arrange the practices of tea-tastin, incense, calligraphy, meditating, swordcraft etc. All these will be practiced in the scenes of harmony of man and nature. We will also visit several World Cultural Heritages and get into the modern lives. Through all these, we will learn the continuation and development of the ancient Chinese traditions.

In addition, we will also take you to visit the ancient capitals of China: Beijing,  Chengdu and the World Heritages: the Forbidden City, The Dujiang Dam. You will also meet with the treasure of mankind, the pandas.

We believe this Chinese trip will become your lifetime memory.



  • Explore the secrets of Taoism with Chinese folklore scholar THOMAS YOU.
  • Non-tourist religious experiences
  • Understand the true Chinese traditional Taoist culture
  • Learn about Taoists’ lives, custom, musics, swordcraft
  • Experience the real Taoist Ritual
  • Classic travel routes in China
  • Visit the ancient capital Beijing and the Forbidden City
  • Visit the Hunan, Zhangjiajie NP
  • Unique experience of Sichuan, the ‘Land of Abundance’, and Mount Qingcheng, the Dujiang Dam
  • Get intimate to the national treasure of China, the pandas
  • Small Luxury Group

K2 Base Camp Departure Dates 2021

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
10-Jun28-Jun AVAILABLE
22-Jun10-Jul AVAILABLE
10-Jul28-Jul AVAILABLE
10-Aug28-Aug AVAILABLE
10-Sep28-Sep AVAILABLE

Gondogoro La Trek Departure Dates 2021

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
22-Jun10-Jul AVAILABLE
10-Jul28-Jul AVAILABLE
20-Jul07-Aug AVAILABLE
10-Aug28-Aug AVAILABLE

Snow Lake Biafo Hisper Departure Dates 2021

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
25-JUN-2021 16-JUL-2021 AVAILABLE
15-JUL-2021 07-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
22-JUL-202112-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
01-AUG-202123-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
03-AUG-202125-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
06-AUG-202127-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
07-AUG-202128-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
15-AUG-202107-SEP-2021 AVAILABLE

Detailed Itinerary

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Day-01: Welcome to Beijing Airport

Greeting and meeting at Jianguomen Qianmen Hotel, our representative will be waiting at lobby to assist you check-in.
The Liyuan Theater of Jianguo Qianmen Hotel has wonderful Peking opera performance every night. please contact us to make an appointment if you are willing to watch the Chinese traditional performance as a perfect beginning of your tour.
Airport transportation also can be arranged, please contact us for more details.
Hotel: Qianmen Jianguo Hotel


Badaling is the site of the most visited and most preserved section of the Great Wall of China as well as listed on The World heritage site by UNSCO. The portion of the wall running through the site was built in 1504 during the Ming Dynasty, along with a military outpost reflecting the location's strategic importance.
After lunch, we will visit the Ming Tombs.
Return to the hotel after the visit and sleepover at hotel.
Hotel: Qianmen Jianguo Hotel


At 8:30 in the morning, we start our tour of the Forbidden City.
In three hours, you will understand this national card of China. The Forbidden City bears the cultural and historical sites recording the changes of the times. In it, you will experience its majestic momentum and unique atmosphere that will not be lost due to the passage of time.
Lunch after the morning visit.
In the afternoon, we will visit baiyun temple(White Cloud Temple).
This will be the first time we have been exposed to the theme of this trip - Taoism. A Taoist of baiyun temple will lead the tour and explain the architectural structure, history and legend of baiyun temple.
In the evening, according to the flight time ,we go to the airport fly to Changsha.
Hotel: PM hotel


Welcome to Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province!
It is an important central city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and one of the famous historical and cultural cities. The total area is 11819 square kilometers. We will taste the integration of Chu culture and Taoism here.
We will spend whole day at TaoGong Temple.
Chu Wu, focusing on the management of life and body, is good at communicating with God through dance and seeking the balance between man and nature.
In addition, ancient Chinese philosophy, religion and technique are integrated and inseparable. It can be said that the ancient myth and Chu culture gave birth to the great Taoist thought of Laozhuang.
So we will present a Taoist ritual here in TaoGong Temple. We will experrience Taoists ,dressed in robes with gold and silver threads, holding various instruments, singing ancient tunes, and dancing in the altar, just like a live performances. we pray for the peace of the world ,and for the healthiness and safeness of every participant.
There are many ways of Taoist health preservation. Through a day of contact, I believe it will be helpful to you.
Hotel: PM Hotel


Visit Yuelu Mountain, including famous scenic spots: Yuelu Academy and Yunlu Palace
In the half of the day,we can feel that Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which blend the essence of Chinese ancient culture, are all embracing the cultural connotation of the Mount Yuelu, which was jointly developed by great minds, eminent monks and literary man.
After lunch, drive to Zhangjiajie by bus. 350 km distance will takes 5 hours drive.
Hotel: Days Hotel by Wyndham


After breakfast, go to Yongshun Laosi Site.
Laosi Site is an archaeological site in Sicheng Village of Lingxi Town, Yongshun County, Hunan Province, China. It is one of the three Tusi Sites designated by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, On July 3, 2015. The site is the historic capital of Peng clan Tusi for six centuries in modern-day Yongshun, it was built in 1135 (Southern Song dynasty) and abandoned in 1724 (Qing dynasty). Its original name was Fushicheng or Fushi City.
Laosicheng site is the largest, earliest and best-preserved ancient Tusi city in China. Laosi site covers a total area of 25 square kilometers, it’s core zone has an area of more than 250,000 square meters, in an urban layout of road networks and drainage systems. The relics unearthed included the Hall of Patriarch, Patriarch Temple of the Peng clan, the tombs of Tusi chieftains, ancient streets, ancient city walls, memorial arches, bronze bells and stone horses. Tt is known as a sacred place of the Tujia culture.
Three hours is enough for you to discover this ancient unforgettable place, then enjoy our meal in Yongshun County.
Return to Zhangjiajie hotel for rest.
Hotel: Days Hotel by Wyndham


Zhangjiajie is famous for its landscape. Wulingyuan takes the forest land of sandstone peak as the core, karst landform as the background, and a large number of geological relics such as formed geological sections and special fossil producing areas, forming a unique combination landscape of sandstone peak forest landform, which is rare in the world.
In the morning, take a bus to Wulingyuan and yuanjiajie for sightseeing. After lunch, we will take a bus to Tianzi mountain, visit the stone forest in the West Sea, Yubi peak, fairy flowers and many others. Then take a cable car down the mountain and return to Changsha.
It's 350 kilometers will drive 5-6 hours. Check in the hotel near Changsha South Railway Station.
Hotel: Atour Hotel Changsha South High-spel


Welcome to Chengdu, the land of abundance!
Take the morning high-speed train to Chengdu, Sichuan.
After 7 hours and 32 minutes, We arrived at Chengdu east railway station at 15:29 p.m.
(G2161 0757/1529 7h32m)
We will going to Laojun Mount by car, 30 kilometers takes 50 minutes.
Stay at Laojunshan CEO resort.
Xinjin County, where Laojunshan is located, is a very famous place for delicious food in Sichuan.Because the water quality is good,The fish here is frash and tasty,which named yellow catfish.
Hotel: Laojunshan CEO resort.


In the morning, if you wake up before the sun rises, you can walk along the path to Laojunshan Taoist temple and attend the morning classes of Taoists. This is how taoists’ day begin.
In Taoism, things exsists in closeness systerm on time and space, and there is an established law that yin and yang are mutually generated and repelled.
In the morning, visit Laojun Mountain to observe the life of Taoist in the nearest distance.
In the afternoon, drive to Xizhu Monastery.
The secluded Xizhu Monastery belongs to Laojun's mountain Taoist temple, which is a wonderful place to feel the ture meaning of Taoist natural humanistm.
Tonight we will live in Xizhu Monastery and become a real Taoist.
Hotel: Xizhu Monastery


In the morning, after breakfast in Taoist Temple, We are going to visit Qingcheng Mountain.
Qingcheng Mountain, one of the famous four Avenue mountains in China, can be seen in almost a few hundred steps. It is classical and mysterious under the dense vegetation. we will entering from the back,Listen to the wind and look at the moon here, and realize that Taoism pays attention to human law, earth law, heaven law, Taoism and nature.
We will stay in Qingcheng Mountain tonight.
Hotel: Qingcheng Yuanming Palace


After breakfast transfer to Dujiangyan.
Dujiangyan, founded more than 2260 years ago, is the world's oldest, the only remaining, still in use, a grand water conservancy project characterized by dam free water diversion, and the only ecological project in the world. In 2000, it was listed as "world cultural heritage" by UNESCO.
Hotel: Dujiangyan GuoYan Hotel


Complete the work of a volunteer in Dujiangyan panda protection base.
From the beginning of the morning, it includes activities such as learning safety knowledge, cleaning up panda excrement, cleaning panda shed, preparing fresh bamboo and feeding panda, etc., learning how to protect them and how we humans live in harmony with giant panda.
The event will end at 15:30-16:00 p.m.
After a whole day of volunteer activities, everyone can get volunteer certificates as souvenir.
Hotel: Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel

Day-13: Dujiangyan - Chengdu/Chengdu City Tour - Airport Transportation

Hotel breakfast, transfer to chengdu city.
Depends on the departure time, we may take a city tour in chengdu before group dismiss. Meantime, all participants will receive a special commemorative certificate of participation.
Please contact us for further more activities or airport transportation if needed.

  • Airport transport at Beijing airport on Day 1 and Chengdu airport on Day 13;
  • All Accommodations that mentioned at the itinerary;
  • Daily breakfast at hotel or inside of temple and all the lunches and dinners mentioned at itinerary
  • Air-condition bus transport with professional bus driver;
  • Airfare from Beijing to Changsha on Day 3;
  • High speed train from Changsha to Chengdu on Day 8;
  • Professional lisenced English-Speaking guide throughout itinerary;
  • Single time Entrance fees of all attraction sites that mentioned on the itinerary;
  • Cable car at Badaling Great Wall, Golf car and cable car fees
  • At Zhangjiajie, Boat fees and Cable car at Qingcheng Mountain;
  • Basic fees on Volunteer day at Dujiangyan Panda Base;
  • Chinese tea taste at Chengdu on Day 13;
  • Taoist Blessing Ceremony experience;
  • Some lunches at dinners which NOT mentioned at itinerary;
  • International Airfare;
  • Any tips for the guide, driver and any others provide services;
  • Any porterage fees at airport or hotel;
  • Visa Fees;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Any other services which are NOT mentioned at the INCLUDED items;
  • Any personal costs, such as telephone, internet fees, Laundry fees, gifts, etc;
  • Any Taxes

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