Pakistan is famous for its natural beauty and is a top tourist destination in the world for the year 2020. Pakistan also stands as trekkers’ and mountaineers’ no.1 choice because of its three world famous mountain ranges namely the Great Himalayas, the Karakorum and the Hindukush. The world’s second highest peak, K2 is also in the Karakorum Range of Pakistan. So, if you are planning a trekking expedition in Pakistan and searching for packages then Hunza Guides Pakistan has multiple trekking in Pakistan packages to offer and you will get your ideal deal.

It is better to plan the trekking expedition in Pakistan in the summers, of which July and August are the ideal months. Some of the most popular trekking routes in Pakistan are the K2 Base camp Trek, Gondogoro La Trek, the Concordia-K2 base camp trekking and Baltoro Glacier Trekking.

Hunza Guides’ trekking in Pakistan packages cover all treks and are according to the needs of foreign tourists.

Hunza Guides Pakistan offers the great Karakorum traverse trekking package which includes the Baltoro Glacier trekking. The Baltoro Glacier is 63 km long which is the 5th longest among the glaciers outside the polar region. The great “Karakorum Traverse trek” covers almost all the trekking sights of Karakorum and leads to the K2 base camp. Some of the highlights of Baltoro Glacier Trekking includes view of the three eight thousanders’. The mountainous peaks in the range of 5000m to 7000m, the Gilkey memorial. It also comprises the trek up to Godwin Austen Glacier via the Baltoro Glacier, Concordia (the Throne of the Mountains God) etc. Views of other glaciers including Biafo, Vigne, Biango etc. Also the views of River Indus, River Panmah and Braldu etc. The sightseeing at Shigar and Skardu valley and Base Camps of K2 are part of it.

The Baltoro Glacier trekking package is typically offered for a group of 4 to 16 people for 21 days. It can be customized according to a private group’s requirement. The package covers all road and airport transfers, all hotel accommodation, all camping site and bridge fees etc. It also covers all trekking logistics, all meals etc. Government requirements includes a licensed professional guides, trekking permit fees and paperwork etc. Waste management fee, support staff (cook, assistants etc), Porter for personal luggage of upto 15kg too required. The first aid medicine kit, Satellite phone for emergencies, D3v sleeping tent, toilet tent and shower tent.

See, the best deal with all the right features. So what are you waiting for? Gear up, with Hunza Guides Pakistan for their upcoming trekking expedition. So that you can have the most memorable adventure of your lifetime.