Trekking in Pakistan

Pakistan’s northern areas is home world’s three great mountain ranges. If you are a pro/fan of Trekking then you might already skip this text and select your preferred trekking option below from Trekking in Pakistan. The list below shows a wide range of options to chose from trekking in Pakistan. 

Famous Treks in Pakistan

K2 Base Camp Trek and Snow Lake Biafo Hispar Trek are one of the most adventurous treks you will experience. Rich natural environment is made of mountains, glaciers, rivers, streams, lakes and pastures etc. Rugged and yet beautiful landscape of northern areas makes it a perfect destination for trekking in Pakistan. We have learned to make it a beautiful experience for our clients. Hunza Guides is well-known trekking and expedition company in the UK, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, France and many countries in the EU. 

We have been arranging trekking and expeditions in the Himalayan mountains and Karakoram mountains for the past 22 years.  we Hunza Guides promise to make your trekking experience memorable. 

We would love to hear from you if you have any query related to any of our services.  

Trekking in Pakistan k2 base camp trek

K2 Base Camp Trek & Gondogoro La Trek

The famous Gondogoro La trek, which lies between Gondogoro glacier and Baltoro glacier connect Shigar valley.Among the high peaks of K-2 8611M, and peaks long glacierin…

trekking in pakistan snow lake biafo hispar trek

Snow Lake Biafo Hispar Trek

Biafo Hisper trek starts from Skardu- Askoli, which lies on the right bank of Biafo Glacier. Biafo Glacier 68km on the Karakorum Range, south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hisper glacier…

Trekking in pakistan K2 Concordia

K2 Base Camp & Concordia Trek

Concordia situated in the North West End of Baltoro glacier centered by Abruzi and Goodwin Austin glacier, in an alleviation of 4600m. Concordia is surrounded by the second world…

trekking in pakistan snow lake trek

Karakorum Great Traverse

THisper Biafo r trek starts from Hisper- Korofoung, Biafo Glacier 68 Kilometers on the Karakorum Range, south of Baltoro glacier leads to Hisper glacier, which is strenuous trek…


Hushe Gondogoro Valley

The village of Hushe is the last village where jeep road ends. It is 140km east of Skardu and the starting point for expeditions and trekking to various summer pastures and five glaciers…


Hushe- K7 Base Camp Trek

The most- frequented approach to K6 Base Camp is from Kande Village which is half-way up Hushe valley. There is a footbridge over the Hushe River that you cross to reach the Nangmah…


Hushe Masherbrum BC Trek 

Masherbrum (also known as K1) is located in the Ghanche District Gilgit Baltistan, At 7,821 metres (25,659 ft) it is the 22nd highest mountain in the world.

trekkin-in-pakistan-Masherbrum- Thale La Trek

Masherbrum- Thale La Trek

Masherbrum Thale La trek starts from Skardu via Shigar valley to Thale la Pass to Hushe valley with porters. From Hushe valley we hire porters to the base camp of Masherbrum…