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As one of the frontrunners of mountain based tourism in the Northern bowl of the Majestic peaks of Pakistan, Hunza Guides Pakistan is the proud service provider of a staggering 10% of the market share present in Pakistan for both local and international tourists. Only finding the untapped potential of Pakistan’s exuberant beauty in the last couple of years, Hunza Guides Pakistan seeks to provide access, insight and experience of a lifetime to both corporate and private guests.

To play its part in the Global Village phenomenon, Hunza Guides Pakistan bridges the international and local tourists to the indigenous beauty of the Pakistani North and provides a multitude of adventures, treks and guides into the heritagical lost cities and cultures of the North. The set of adventurers, explorers and trevelgue connoisseurs are offered a once in a lifetime chance to witness the Pakistani peak in all their might; as well as the ecosystems inhabiting the terrain. Birthed on this very concept, Hunza Guides Pakistan has introduced these tours to channel international positivity to be one with its inherent local one.


In their entirety, our services hold synergy, as they are more than just the sum of their parts. Our service portfolio is specifically designed to meet international standards and exceed individual expectations. To break away from the traditional shackles of conformity, Hunza Guides Pakistan seeks to maximize the rest and recreational element of the tour to allow visitors to bask in the unique flora, fauna and culture that this unique placement has to offer.


Whether it be those that are here on a corporate retreat or our private consumer clientele, the Pakistani North has a little something for every portfolio of visitor. This experiential offering is one of a kind and is indigenously unique to only this corner of the world which makes our promise of delivering an unforgettable experience a tantamount one. We are in part aided by the omnipresent and exuberant cultures present here that have for the better part of history remained undiscovered and unaffected by the prgree to modern age of man.


Our identity and mantra is also upheld by our dual pronged approach in addressing both key parties of tourists and the host people in the Hunza valley that seek sustenance through this tourism that is their potential means of survival in harsh winter months that are faced here. Each visiting guest not only accesses a tailor-made plan to address individual characteristics, but also maximizes their stay enjoyment, all the while having a healthy conscience for incubating the infant tourist industry of the North that will empower and enfranchise the peoples that view tourism as their sole major act of dependability.


The major headline of our service delivery remains to be the sustainable aspect of it, as we ensure that the resources we tap, the people and culture we interact with and the business model we employ is sustainable enough to be accessed by the generations to come, as we use renewable practices and processes to ensure the longevity of this heritage land and the way of life of its people. With that view in mind, we aim to incorporate tourism into the natural and indigenous setting of the locals to not only ensure the least disturbance to the locals, but also provide an authentic experience to our guests that they can hold onto fondly in remembrance. All of this, while providing safety and security like one’s own home is what we take pride in.


Our portfolio of clientele has included a plethora of international tour operators, adventure and alpine clubs, scientific outfits and expeditions, anthropologists, sociologists and ethnographers, journalists, film directors and documentary teams, and even world renowned mountaineers. We have specialized in mountain associated travel and have worked with National Geographic Television teams and those from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which are standout feathers in our cap of achievement to spell out tantamount success in terms of our outreach and publicity programs.

Our mission

Ever since the inception of Hunza Guides Pakistan in 1997, our mission has been to represent Pakistan in all its glory as a serene, peaceful and hospitable tourist destination that endorses sustainable tourism with inclusivity of local communities and the environment as partners and stakeholders in providing the maximum value to you, our guests.

Through the promotion of tourism, we aim to alleviate the remote regions of Pakistan, such as the Hindukush, Karakoram, Himalayas and the Pamir Mountain Range, from poverty by providing employment and endorsing the small scale industries to empower and protect the local ecosystem. As our mission, we aim to showcase the full armada of Pakistan’s aweinspiring wilderness without disrupting the natural existence of the ecosystem so as to assist our clients to access this raw beauty in all its indigenous might. It is also in our aim to not change any of the indigenous element – so as to showcase an organic and firsthand view of the naturist life in the incredible North.

Our Vision


To become the premier tourism and destination management company renowned for paramount  service value delivery, internationally.

Our Objectives

To be a catalyst for changing negative perceptions and ensuring the tour exchange produces an exchange if ambassadorship of peace, harmony and empathy

  • To be a catalyst of change and break international stereotypes by providing exposure to tourists as global citizens.
  • To promote peace and harmony in the region by providing collective livelihood to tourism centric communities.
  • To uplift the remote peoples of the North from poverty and enfranchise the marginalized populace
  • To outreach into the global tourist infrastructure and extend elaborate partnerships with other operators in identifying best possible plans for our customers
  • To help venture forth and discover all that is the unknown in the Pakistani wildernesses
  • To preserve the natural state of the Northern ecosystem through renewable resources use and sustainable practices
  • To generate employment and create local opportunities to uplift local people above the poverty line
  • To have a renowned outreach program that sublets partnerships globally
  • To explore and chart the unknown domains of this Northern land in a passive and sustainable manner
  • To provide growth and training to our employees towards becoming better hosts to our guests

Top Notch Tour Operators

Hunza Guides Pakistan thoroughly puts all the staff applicants through a rigorous screening process before inducting them into the workforce. Most recruited staff members are locals from various tourist destinations. This gives them in depth knowledge of the areas where they are supposed to operate in, making it an even more enjoyable and immersive experience for the tourists.

The guides are fluent in local dialects and are thoroughly familiar with the culture, which makes it easier for them to navigate through the process of giving someone a brief but captivating glimpse into their world. Moreover, we have trained our guides extensively and provided them with language courses which has enabled them to hold basic conversations in a wide array of languages ranging from Chinese and English to German and French. This means that you will not face any communication problems due to language barriers while you travel with us. If you opt for overnight camping trips, you will be pleased to find that our kitchen staff is trained impeccably and can conjure a fine array of dishes from various cuisines, ranging from Pakistani to Chinese and European.


Hunza Guides Pakistan boasts an extensive list of fully satisfied partners and collaborators from all over the world. We only delve into causes that we are passionate about, which intrinsically affects the quality of our work. Our dedication towards what we do, reflects in the quality of our work, making us a smart place to be associated with.

We pride ourselves on focussing on the quality, while keeping an eye out for the bottom line. This helps us minimise costs for our valued customers, while continuing to remain a thoroughly successful venture. Thus, partnering or collaborating with Hunza Guides Pakistan results in the perfect harmony of cost and quality, making it a wise investment for everyone. We have a wide and flexible range of offerings that allow for dynamicity in service customization to address individual needs without whitewashing the tour experience for any customer. Business trips and leisure trips hold polar differentials in terms of the discourses and plans and everybody here at HGP understands that if the customers come first, so do their needs.

State of the art Equipment

Hunza Guides Pakistan wants nothing short of the best for its customers. This is why all our equipment, ranging from the tents to our mountaineering gear, is sourced from the top brands of the world. We gather the best camping, trekking and mountaineering equipment from places like the North Face, Mountain Hardware, Ferrino, and Red Fox, to make sure our customers get the most from their experience with us.

Safety Measures

Hunza Guides Pakistan realises that the last thing you need to be worried about on a trip is your safety. This is why we take it upon ourselves to make sure that our customers never come in harm’s way. We start by sending you detailed information regarding your travel, from the weather conditions to expected activity levels required. This prepares our tourists for what lies ahead and they can plan and pack for it accordingly.

Meanwhile, our intricate setup of field offices constantly monitors the surroundings to alert the head office of a sudden change, and to keep an eye out for anything that could affect the trip. We have a  24/7 hotline, in case of an emergency. We pride ourselves on not only putting up as much safety measures as possible, but also on handling unplanned distress in the best way possible.

Environmental Concerns

Hunza Guides Pakistan prides itself on being a well aware and sustainable organisation. We educate our local guides on the importance of keeping the environment clean – they ensure that neither them nor the accompanying tourists leave any form of waste behind. Moreover, we also actively engage in remedial action for the suffering that the landscape has already suffered. We set out to educate the locals and the masses on the perils of environmental destruction and how to reset as much of the damage as possible.


At Hunza Guides Pakistan, we understand and value the landscape and the community that has made our venture a success and deem it our responsibility to give back to the locals. This is why we strive to engage in humanitarian activities that can help empower the locals and shape their lives towards a brighter future. We are especially passionate about empowering local women with not only a voice, but also means to sustain themselves.

We offer them workshops where they can learn a wide array of skills to become more employable and thus, have more secure lives. Moreover, we also provide local women, who possess an entrepreneurial mind, with interest free microfinance loans to help them along their journey. We also set up basic healthcare facilities wherever we go, to further facilitate the locals. These practices ensure that we keep giving back to the society to make people’s lives reach newer and greater heights.



50+ partners from around the globe working with us since 2 decades



Head office in Hunza, liaison offices in Skardu, Islamabad, China, France



100 plus destinations in Pakistan, China and Central Asia.



More than 40K + bookings tours, trekking, expeditions, cultural tours, jeep safaris.

Amir Ulah Khan President Hunza Guides

Mr Amir-Ullah Khan


Mr. Amir-Ullah Khan is the founder and owner of the Hunza Guides Pakistan. Born and bred in the awestriking Hunza Valley of Pakistan, Mr Amir-Ullah is the epitome of inspiration that birthed from the very land where he was born, and grew to believe in the paramount potential of his valley in the realm of tourism.

He is equipped with a staggering 30 years of experience under his belt in the realm of tourism management and has led numerous successful trips to the most exotic destinations imaginable. He himself carries a great penchant for travelling and has travelled and lived all across Europe. Upon coming to Pakistan, he was struck by the disparity between the magnificent beauty of the mountainous landscape, and the sheer poverty the vast majority of its inhabitants were shrouded in. This realisation led him to be deeply interested in the poverty alleviation in mountain communities along with the social and economical empowerment of women. Moreover, he plans to inculcate the spirit of social responsibility by teaching the locals the importance of sustainability and preserving the natural habitat. He hones a very sustainable approach towards tourism and thinks of it as a gateway to empower locals and enable tourists to witness the beauty of Pakistan.

Leadership Team

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Managing Director

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Marketing Director

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Manager Operations

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Finland Correspondent erlin@hunzaguidespakistan.com

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Manager Hunza office

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Logistic Manager

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Assistant Manager Admin & Accounts

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Manager Skardu Office

Altaf Hussain

Tour Guide

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Tour Guide

Murtaza Baig

Trekking Guide (French Speaking)

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Trekking Guide

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Trekking Guide (German Speaking)

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