Gondogoro La Trek

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Gondogoro La Trek

Gondogoro la trekking is a 20-days journey which includes 13 days of trekking, it is suitable for experienced and adaptable trekkers with a strong sense of adventure. K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro la trek is considered to be one of the world’s great treks with breathtaking views of four 8,000m peaks and is thought by many to be one of the best high mountain treks in the world. K2 Base Camp Trek is been described as the “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods” for its unique panoramic view of 7,000m mountains and views of K2.

Trek starts from Askoli Village, where we trek over Baltoro glacier to Concordia which offers views of several famous 6,000 m and 7,000 m peaks, several glaciers (including Biafo – world’s 3rd longest non-polar 63 km (39 mi) glacier).

This Trek is famous for two routes. Returning from K2 base camp via same route it is called “K2 Base Camp Trek” if extended the trek back route via Gondogoro pass is known as “K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La Trek” This is demanding circular trek; the pass is very steep and crossing it requires the use of fixed ropes to ascend and descend. So, in a way, this is beyond more adventurous trekking.  Gondogoro La connects Baltoro region with Hushey Valley, home to the exquisite Laila Peak (6,096m) and some small villages like Hushey and Kanday.

Gondogoro La Trek is famous as from top of Gondogoro pass (5,585) it offers breathtaking views of 8 thousand-meter peaks i.e. K2 (8,611m), Broad Peak (8,047m) and Gasherbrum Peaks.

Our programme Gondogoro La Trek allows three days in the upper reaches of the Baltoro Glacier to savour the majesty of this unique place. The highest point reached on this trek is the 5,680m summit of the Gondogoro La. This is a challenging and technical route, which links the high glacial basin of the upper Baltoro with the green Hushe Valley to the south. The view from the summit is one of the most overwhelming mountain panoramas in the world, with four of the Karakoram 8,000m peaks close at hand.

We are a hometown company providing full board services to Baltoro region since last 2 decades. Having highly experienced dedicated team who will guide you to cross the Gondogoro La.  Our Itinerary is  the best itinerary in terms of acclimatization, enjoyment and safety.  K2 Base Camp Trek and Gondogoro La Trek are our top famous treks in the Karakoram region. Our K2 base camp and Gondogoro la trek cost starts from USD 2,300.

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  • Views of K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum peaks, Laila Peak, Chogosila from the Gondogoro Pass
  • Walking in Concordia and the Baltoro Glacier
  • One of the world`s top 5 trekking adventures
  • Experience the picturesque Hushe Valley in Pakistan
  • Trek up to Godwin Austin glacier via Baltoro Glacier (5th longest and world’s largest outside the polar region)
  • View 8,000 m peaks including Broad Peak (8,051 m) and K2 (8,611 m) from Goro II, Concordia & base camps.
  • Views of other peaks between 5,000m to 8,000m including Gasherbrum-III and IV, Masherbrum Peak & more.
  • Views of Glaciers (e.g. Biafo, Vigne, Liligo, Dunge, Muztagh, Biango, Mandu, Khalkal and more), lakes and streams

K2 Base Camp Fixed Departure Dates

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
10-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 AVAILABLE
20-Jun-202110-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
01-Jul-202121-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
10-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
20-Jul-202109-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE
01-Aug-202121-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE
10-Aug-202130-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE
20-Aug-202109-Sep-2021 AVAILABLE
1-Sep-202121-Sep-2021 AVAILABLE
10-Sep-202130-Sep-2021 AVAILABLE

Gondogoro La Trek Fixed Departure Dates 2021

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
10th Jun 30th Jun AVAILABLE
20-Jun-202110-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
1-Jul-2021 21-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
10-Jul-2021 30-Jul-2021 AVAILABLE
20-Jul-2021 09-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE
1-Aug-2021 21-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE
10-Aug-2021 30-Aug-2021 AVAILABLE

Snow Lake Biafo Hisper Fixed Departure Dates

Start DateEnd DateAvailabilityStatus
25-JUN-2021 16-JUL-2021 AVAILABLE
15-JUL-2021 07-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
22-JUL-202112-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
01-AUG-202123-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
03-AUG-202125-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
06-AUG-202127-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
07-AUG-202128-AUG-2021 AVAILABLE
15-AUG-202107-SEP-2021 AVAILABLE

Detailed Itinerary

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Day-01: Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Welcome at Islamabad airport, and transfer to hotel.
Afternoon proceed for city tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which includes famous Faisal Mosque, Shakar Parian, Pakistan monument, Damen Koh, Lok Versa, Museum, Rawalpindi old bazaar, Raja Bazaar.

Day-02: Fly from Islamabad to Skardu

Today we take the short but spectacular flight to Skardu one hour. Afternoon is free to explore Skardu town.
Note: If our flight is cancelled due to bad weather, we will start the drive to Chilas via Babusar Pass 4,173 m, 461 km.
• Altitude: 2,228 m
• Accommodation: Hotel
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-03: Free day in Skardu

Free/preparation day in Skardu. Today we enjoy a free day in Skardu where we can visit the Bazaar and Khurpucho Fort.
Note: If our flight canceled on day 2, we will spend 8-9 hours driving from Chilas to Skardu along with Indus River.
• Altitude: 2,228 m
• Accommodation: Hotel
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-04: Drive from Skardu to Askoli

Today we take the spectacular drive by jeeps to Askoli village 6-7 hours.
Askoli is starting point of our trek. It is a spectacular drive from Skardu to Askoli; the jeep road crosses the Braldu River three times and passes the villages of Dassu, Apligon, Pakora, Hoto Chongo and Thongal.
• Altitude: 3,000 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-05: Trek from Askoli to Jhola

After meeting the porters in the morning, we walk along the Braldu River to Korofoung for lunch 3 hours,enjoy great views of Bakhor Das 5,809 m and the Biafo Glacier, after lunch continue trek to Jhola another 3-4 hours.
• Altitude: 3,200 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-06: Trek from Jhola to Paiyu

Trek to Paiyu 6-7 hours 16.6 km.
This is an undulating walk, difficult at times, with the first views of dramatic mountains ahead. There is a rest stop by some tamarisk trees beside the stream flowing down from Paiyu Peak, where we saw ibex tracks and fox spore. The trail climbs to a vantage point from which you see the snout of Baltoro Glacier and, in the far distance, a magnificent panorama of the Cathedral and Trango Towers and left of them, the unmistakable triangle of K2 .
• Altitude: 3,450 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-07: Acclimatization day in Paiyu

Free day for local exploration and Porter will prepare their food for further K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La trek, We enjoy a slow start today taking in our stunning surroundings. We take a short acclimatization trek during the day and in the evening sing and dance with the porters.
• Altitude: 3,450 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-08: Trek from Paiyu to Urdukas

Trek to Urdukas 15.9 km, 7-8 hours.
Another stunning day on our journey to K2 Base Camp. View of Paiyu Peak 6,610 m, Uli Biaho 6,417 m, Great Trango Tower 6,286 m, Lobsang Spire 5,707 m and the Cathedral Towers.
• Altitude: 4,050 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-09: Trek from Urdukas to Goro-II

Trek to Goro Camp 12.1 km, 5-6 hours.
A special day today as we will be greeted by our first full view of the giant peaks of the Karakorum. Masherbrum 7821 m, Muztagh Tower 7,284 m, G-IV (7,925 m), Miter Peak 6,025 m and Biarchedi Peak 6,781 m.
• Altitude: 4,380 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day-10: Trek from Goro-II to Concordia

Trek to Concordia 9.2 km, 5-6 hours.
Where the Baltoro, Abruzzi and Godwin Austen glaciers meet. The 360-degree panoramic view here is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Concordia the joining of the five glaciers you will be in the heart great Mountain K2, 8611 m, Broad Peak 8047 m, Angel Peak 6858 m to the left and to the East Baltoro Kangri, Kondus, Snow Dome, Golden Throne and numerous nameless mountains all around this is an exciting day of your trip.
• Altitude: 4,650 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-11: Broad Peak and K2 Base Camps

Today it is golden opportunity to see 7000 m to above 8000 m peaks including mighty K2 (8611 m) Broad Peak 8047 m, Gasherbrum-IV 7925 m, Miter Peak 6025 m Golden Throne 7240 m. Afterwards we continue on to K2 Base Camp (5,135 m) and then return to Concordia for the night.
• Altitude: 4,650 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-12: Trek from Concordia to Ali Camp

Trek to Ali Camp 9.5 km, 6 hours.
We leave Concordia and traverse the Baltoro Glacier, crossing a number of crevasses. We turn in early tonight ahead of a midnight departure to cross the Gondogoro La Pass tomorrow.
• Altitude: 5,010 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-13: Trek from Ali Camp to Hispung

Trek to Hispung after crossing Gondogoro La 5680 m, 8-9 hours.
The view from the pass is exciting and superb of K2 and all the 8000 meters.
The views from the pass including K2, Board Peak, Gasherbrum I to IV are unparalleled, making all the hard work worthwhile.
• Altitude: 4,680 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-14: Trek from Hispung Daltsampa

Trek to Daltsampa 6.8 km, 4-5 hours.
Today we descend the Gondogoro Glacier to reach Daltsampa camp, with Commanding views of the Gondogoro Glacier, Yermanadu Kangri (23,495 ft.) Masherbrum South (25,604 ft).
• Altitude: 4,300 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-15: Trek from Daltsampa to Saicho

Trek to Siacho 9 km, 4 hours.
It is an easy day from here to the next camp one half hour on Gondogoro glacier and then you to lush green meadows and somewhere thick juniper forest to reach Saicho camp.
• Altitude: 3,300 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-16: Trek from Saicho to Hushe

Trek to Hushe 9.3 km, 4 hours.
This will be the most interesting day of the trip the last walking day for the members and the porters to reach Hushe the last village of Ganche District in the Khaplu Valley.
• Altitude: 3,050 m
• Accommodation: Camping
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-17 Drive from Hushe to Skardu

Drive to Skardu 6-7 hours.
The return road journey offers amazing sightseeing starting with passage through other villages of Hushe valley displaying small agricultural lands and mountain farming activities as we move downstream. We eventually come to the confluence where Shyok river (flowing from Ladakh) meets Hushey river.
• Altitude: 2,228 m
• Accommodation: Hotel
• Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day-18: Fly from Skardu to Islamabad

We fly back to Islamabad. Afternoon is free for exploring.
Note: If our flight is cancelled due to bad weather, we will start the drive to Chilas travelling for 9 hours along with Indus River.
• Accommodation: Hotel
• Meals: Bed and Breakfast

Day-19: Free day in Islamabad

Enjoy a free day in Islamabad for exploring, sightseeing and shopping.
Note: If our flight on day 18 cancelled we will spend 11-12 hours driving from Chilas to Islamabad via Babusar Pass 4173 m.
• Accommodation: Hotel
• Meals: Bed and Breakfast

Day-20: Fly Back Home

Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight

  • All domestic flights and road transfers
  • All hotel accommodation (twin sharing room)
  • All trekking accommodation
  • All camping site and bridge fees
  • All trekking logistics (all tents, non-personal equipment and tools etc)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Licensed professional guide (government requirement)
  • Government trekking permit fees and paperwork
  • Waste management fees (government requirement)
  • Support staff (cook, assistant(s) etc)
  • Porter for personal luggage (15 kgs)
  • First aid medicine kit (basic)
  • Satellite phone for emergencies
  • D3V sleeping tent, Toilet Tent, Shower Tent.
  • International airfare and airport taxes.
  • Visa fee for Pakistan and personal insurance of the clients.
  • Tips for drivers, porters and staff
  • Single Supplement
  • Transfers to and from airports for participants making individual air arrangements
  • Optional excursions or deviations from the scheduled tour
  • Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks,
  • Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely
  • Any other service that is not mentioned in the list above.

K2 Base Camp Trek MAP

K2 Base Camp Gondogoro MAP

Snow Lake Biafo Hisper MAP

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